Quality Rating Program - FAQ

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Program Basics

What data is used to calculate the quality rating?
The FTD Quality Rating is calculated using the formula shown below. An excellent quality rating is 98% or greater. FTD Florists that receive an excellent rating during an entire year will receive FTD Quality Star recognition.

1Delayed Response Program (DRP) Dollar Value will include the dollar value of orders rejected beyond two (2) hours, according to the FTD Delayed Response Program rules. Dollar value of orders rejected after the delivery date, according to the FTD Delayed Response Program rules.

What types of orders are reflected in the quality rating?
The rating includes all incoming orders received by U.S. and Canadian shops using the FTD Mercury Network regardless of their origin.
What is the Path to Orders and how is the Quality Rating a part of "the path?"
The Path to Orders is a sequence of actions you can take to increase opportunities for orders to your shop. To get on the Path to Orders, you need to be eligible for the order by:
  • Having a Mercury technology endpoint that is on and accepting orders.
  • Telling us the area (identified by cities and ZIP codes in the Directory) you will deliver any order to.
  • Purchasing Everyday and Holiday codified products.

Once the criteria are met, your shop's Fulfillment Performance is taken into consideration to ensure the right order at the right time is sent to the right florist to optimize a successful delivery. The Fulfillment Score is the Quality Rating and Refusal Rating.
How can I improve my Quality Rating?
The Quality Rating reviews two components: Delayed Response Program (DRP) charges and FTD.com order refunds.

DRP can be improved by being familiar with the program's guidelines and improving your order management process. For example, all staff pulling orders off the Mercury system should be aware of the DRP program requirement to reject an order within two hours of receipt if it can't be filled as requested. Additionally, it is critical that an order is delivered on time, on the right day and you communicate with FTD immediately if there are any issues.

FTD.com refunds involve a satisfactory resolution for the consumer. First and foremost, this involves identifying the root causes of the dissatisfaction (value, product quality, substitutions, etc.). The best way to reduce FTD.com refunds is to fill the order to recipe, follow proper care and handling of the flowers for the freshest product and follow the FTD Substitution Policy when necessary.
I fill so many orders, many more than most shops. I think it is unfair for FTD to expect me to have such a low amount of rejects and refunds.
Customer satisfaction is a #1 priority for FTD because today's consumer has high expectations and a poor consumer experience negatively impacts repeat purchases. We all know it is hard to gain a customer back if they are disappointed. That is why every order needs to be treated as a priority.

There are many large florists that have zero rejects and refunds over a yearlong period. The Florist Quality Team at FTD is available to review your shop's current processes and share ideas on how to make improvements. To request a quality review, contact qsr@FTDi.com.
Will a "Send Only" shop qualify for an FTD Quality Rating?
No, a "Send Only" shop is not eligible for an FTD Quality Rating because the measurement is based on orders filled, not orders sent.