FTD Delivery Service

On-Demand Pick-up & Delivery Program

FTD Delivery Service is a service designed to help manage and expand your delivery capacity, take orders later into the day and help overcome labor shortages. FTD is partnering with professional delivery services to give you access to a network of local drivers - 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Fully integrated with Mercury HQ and available for Mercury Point of Sale users, the benefits include:

  • Improve Capacity & Flexibility. Helps you increase your order capacity during peak periods and take more orders in the day resulting in more revenue.
  • Real-time Delivery Confirmations. Keep your customers top of mind and act immediately to move off your plate.
  • Eliminate Labor Challenges. Reduce the dependency of full-time drivers or know you have a guaranteed back-up plan.
  • Vehicle Savings. Reduce costs on fuel, maintenance, insurance, wear & tear, etc.
  • Batch Delivery. Eliminate multiple drivers picking up one order at a time in your shop when orders are batched together for pick-up by a single driver.
  • No Monthly Fees. Pay per delivery when you use the service.

Program Inforamtion & Instructions

Click the Mercury HQ link to learn how to create a delivery service order: Mercury HQ

PDF FTD Delivery Service Merchant Agreement

Program Details

Standard pick-up times are 9am and 3pm with the driver arriving within the hour.
Express / ASAP pick-up is for immediate pick-up usually within an hour.

FTD Delivery Service is currently available in the United States.
Standard Pick up
(schedule pick-up by 9am and 3pm daily)
Less than 10 Miles $12.00 /10-15 Miles $15.00
California only: Less than 10 Miles $15.00 / 10-15 Miles $18.00

Express/ASAP Pick up
Less than 10 Miles $14.25 /10-15 Miles $17.25
California only: Less than 10 Miles $17.25 / 10-15 Miles $20.25

Additional Provider Standard Pick up
(pick-up window is 5 hours with average pick-up time around 60 minutes)
Less than 7 miles $10.00 / 7-15 Miles $12.50
California only: Less than 7 Miles $13.00 /7-15 Miles $15.50

Conveniently billed to your FTD Clearinghouse Statement

Available 7 days a week, 365 days a year, 7am - 7pm local time.

For increased efficiency, an automated routing service will alert a driver to pick up five orders within a 15-mile delivery radius of your shop. If you have less than 5 orders, the service will still pick up.

15 mile radius (Haversine/as the crow flies) from shop/pick-up location.

*Driving distance could exceed 15 miles in the radius depending on route.

Program FAQs

How do I start using FTD Delivery Service?
Good news, it is really easy to get started. If you are Mercury HQ user, Delivery Service is integrated in the software, and you just need to select "Delivery Service" under Delivery Type. If you are a Mercury POS user, you can access Delivery Service through Mercury HQ and can call 888.556.7424 to be set-up.
Will the delivery driver take multiple orders?
Yes, it is preferred for a single driver to pick up multiple orders. A single driver may pick up to five orders. The automated routing system will determine the most efficient transit time to deliver flowers to your customers.
How many items will the delivery driver take to the recipient?
The driver will take all items for a specific order going to a single delivery location. Please make sure any add-ons are labeled and/or attached together to ensure the items don't get separated.
Can a delivery driver take large funeral items?
Large funeral items cannot be delivered using FTD Delivery Service due to the varying sizes of the drivers' vehicles.
What does the delivery driver do if the Recipient is not at the delivery location?
The items will be left at the location and a picture will be taken as proof of delivery.
Do I have to pay for redelivery?
Yes. The delivery fee will be charged if a driver must redeliver any item(s).
What if I don't want to use the delivery driver when he/she arrives to pick-up item(s) for delivery?
You can request a new driver.
How do I receive Delivery Confirmation?
FTD's technology systems are integrated with the delivery networks. Orders are confirmed in real-time with a text and/or email notification once the delivery partner delivers them.
Is the FTD Delivery Service available in Canada?
FTD Delivery Service is not available in Canada.