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Introducing Our Innovative Cloud-Based Platform: Mercury HQ

Mercury HQ is a shop management platform that lets you run your shop from anywhere using your phone, tablet, or computer. With real-time synching for access wherever life takes you, Mercury HQ helps you accept, transact, and deliver orders like never before. With different editions of Mercury HQ, you can choose the one that's right for you.

Mercury HQ Essentials

Our Mercury HQ Essentials edition is just that - essential to streamline, optimize and grow your business's revenue. Essentials includes all the functionality of our entry-level Core & Connect editions, plus these advanced features:

  • Universal Data Import. Import your historical and current customer information and order data.
  • Local Order Management. Manage your local customer data and modify walk-in, pick-up and delivery orders.
  • Delivery Optimization. Drivers can see their current and upcoming routes and a Google interface to the map app shows the best route and turn-by-turn directions.
  • Credit Card Processing. Take payments with card swipe, cash drawer and receipt printer hardware.
  • Delivery Coverage & Fee Updates. Make real-time updates by city, ZIP code or date - perfect for busy holidays - to manage capacity and generate more profit during high demand.
  • Gifts Cards. Sell and redeem digital and physical gift cards with reporting to track activity.
  • Detailed Reporting. Filter and export data to make informed decisions for your business related to orders, total sales, taxes, marketing and more.

Mercury HQ Connect

Our Connect edition allows you to manage all your wire and web orders on one platform. Connect includes all the functionality of our entry-level Core edition, plus these features:

  • Third Party Integration. Manage incoming orders from other wire services and e-commerce sites.

Mercury HQ Core

Our Core edition is a send and receive platform for FTD wire orders only:

  • Intuitive Dashboard. Manage your FTD orders and view an interactive calendar to daily track deliveries, order volume and average order totals.
  • Real-time Order Alerts. Use the mobile app to receive alerts for new orders right as they happen.
  • Control Shop Settings. The ability to bulk-print and manage enclosure card settings, plus new options like auto-accept orders.
  • Time-Saving Delivery Features. A suite of tools allows drivers to confirm their deliveries with a picture, signature, and geo-location from a mobile device. A comprehensive dashboard displays current and completed routes.


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