FTD Mercury Webinars

FTD’s Mercury Point of Sale system was built to make our Florist Partners' day-to-day operations easy, simple and integrated. Through the Mercury POS How-To Webinar Series, presented by an FTD Implementation & Training Specialist, learn how to leverage your comprehensive shop management solution to cut overhead and handle your day-to-day floral management tasks, so you can focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Recorded Webinars
Visit the FTD Mercury Network florist YouTube channel and view the extensive library of previously-recorded technology webinars!

Personalized Training

Get one-on-one training for your Mercury POS system on specific training topics of your choice for the low cost of $99 per hour. Scheduled at your convenience, you will receive personalized training with your own data from your own POS. We simply set up a remote connection to share your screen and host the tutorial with an expert trainer.


If you have questions, please contact us at 800.788.9000 or techeducation@FTDi.com.