Sending an International Order


How to send an International Retrans Order through the Mercury Network

  1. FTD Order (press "Order" key, then "FTD Order" key)
  2. Filling Florist Code: Use the Mercury number listed for the country the recipient lives in.
  3. Recipient's Name
  4. Complete and accurate address 
  5. Telephone number (strongly encouraged)
  6. Delivery Date*
  7. First Choice (Note: FTD Selections are not available overseas. Please specify an Intercat Selection or a generic choice "bouquet", "arrangement", "green plant", "funeral spray", etc.)
  8. Second Choice (Optional)
  9. Price of the order in your currency
  10. Card Message
  11. Special Instructions, if any

* We can request same day delivery to Latin America if your order reaches us by 12:00 pm (Central).

International Ordering Guidelines
Choosing items for delivery overseas is easy. Your customer can choose from the products shown in the Interflora Flower Selection Guide. Please refer to the International Delivery Directory (IDD) for minimum price guidelines.

The containers illustrated in the Interflora Selection Guide may not be included with the item. Please specify "in container" if this is what your customer would like.

If you would like a vase included on the order, please add an additional 15 Fleurins to the order value and please indicate clearly that a vase is requested. A majority of overseas countries consider a "bouquet" to mean "wrapped flowers" and an "arrangement" to mean "flowers in a container (not a vase)".

Items from FTD Selections Guides are not available for delivery overseas. Orders for military bases require a base name and complete phone number where the recipient can be directly reached.

Special Requests
As customs around the world vary widely, so does the availability of non-floral items. As a result, delivery of artificial, dried or silk flowers, candy, balloons, fruit and gourmet baskets and other non-floral items cannot be guaranteed overseas. Some members may only deliver special request items if at least half of the order value is in flowers.

FTD International Retrans will be happy to inquire about the availability and prices for these types of items, if time permits. To avoid disappointing the customer when the delivery date is too close, we suggest providing a floral item as a second choice. Or, specify "Cancel if not available" in the Special Instructions field if this is what your customer wants.

For more details on sending and receiving international orders, please see your FTD Directory.