Data Security

FTD has always made security and safeguarding of customer data a top priority by maintaining up-to-date security precautions and processes. We pride ourselves on meeting or exceeding all applicable security regulations and standards, especially for our world-class technology solutions, FTD Mercury and Mercury Connect.

FTD Mercury X3 Fall, X3, X2 Fall and X2 are certified as PA-DSS compliant and listed on the PCI Council's website as being PA-DSS certified. View its certification status by searching the application name "Florists' Transworld Delivery, Inc. (FTD)" on the Validated Payments Application page on the following website:

Mercury Connect, as a cloud-based application, falls under FTD's PCI certification. View our current certification status on the Visa and MasterCard websites:

For FTD Florists to be PA-DSS compliant, FTD Mercury X2 must be installed as outlined in the FTD Mercury X2 PA-DSS Implementation Guide, and if requested, FTD installers can assist you in this process. You must also follow a few other steps as outlined on the PCI website such as implement physical security, processes involving handling of credit cards and other non-payment card processing application tasks.

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