Online Rating Service

Convert Browsers into Buyers with FTD Online Rating Service

Did you know that shoppers are more likely to make a purchase from a website that shares customer ratings? Boost your website's credibility and share your customers' feedback with FTD Online Rating Service for just $39.99 per month (a $149 value).

FTD Online Rating Service can help you showcase that you are a five-star florist!


  • A cart abandonment tool displays a pop-up promotional message that offers discounts or recommends products when a shopper starts to leave your site*
  • Displays satisfaction ratings right on your home page
  • A monthly performance report is emailed to you so you can measure the impact the service is having on your sales
  • All customer reviews can be automatically emailed to you


  • Improve conversion and increase sales
  • Showcase your best ratings
  • Effortless optimization
  • Monthly reporting

Start driving more online traffic today! Call 866.926.5197 to sign up.

* Cart abandonment tools not available for non-FTD Florists Online sites