FTD Social Media Policy

FTD will do our best to ensure that the "Say It Your Way™" and "Mercury Network®" communities are a fun, informative and encouraging destination for our member florists, their owners and employees. Postings are moderated and comments are reviewed. To ensure productive and respectful exchanges, we encourage:

  • Conversations that rally around the benefits of the FTD brand and products
  • Comments that will help us understand how to better serve our member florists and consumers
  • Engaging FTD and your peers in positive, supportive and fun dialog

User comments are not edited for accuracy; however, to ensure a continually positive experience for the community, we may report or remove content or commentary that are or contain:

  • Comments, images, logos or links that would be considered advertisements, sales solicitations, posts for commercial use not approved by FTD, or promotions discouraging use of FTD.com and/or FTDi.com for purchasing of flowers and gifts
  • Solicitation of login information, FTD.com order and/or FTDi.com information or access of FTD.com and/or FTDi.com account information
  • Facilitate or encourage postings that are off-topic, or denigrate FTD products and services
  • Spam-comments blatantly focused on selling a product or service or posted for the purpose of driving traffic to a website not affiliated with FTD for personal, political or monetary gain
  • Personal Attacks-malicious intent and/or participation that is not in the spirit of civil conversation
  • Illegal-laws that govern the use and infringement of copyrights, patents, Trademarks, trade secrets, etc. will be followed
  • Offensive language-comments including, but not limited to profane language
  • Proprietary information as it relates to FTD's operations, technical information regarding FTD's network, pricing, software, business plan, marketing strategy, merchandise plan or any other item that could be deemed confidential
  • Self-promotion, or violates intellectual property rights of FTD or others
  • False or misleading information that tarnish the FTD reputation and brand image
  • Otherwise objectionable or prohibited material subject to the Facebook Code of Conduct and Terms of Use. http://www.facebook.com/terms.php

FTD reserves the right to block you from engaging in the "Say It Your Way™" and/or "Mercury Network®" community if, in FTD's sole discretion, you violate any of the above rules regarding content or commentary.

The views, opinions, depicted results and experiences expressed in user-submitted comments are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of FTD or our products.

FTD reserves the right to change these guidelines at any time at its sole discretion.

Our Member Services Team is available to assist you from 7:30am - 6:30pm (Central), Monday through Friday and 8:00am - 3:00pm on Saturday. For customer service, contact us anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 800.788.9000 or ftdmemberservices@FTDi.com.