FTD.com is one way that FTD Florists can generate incoming orders. When a consumer places an order on FTD.com for a florist-filled item, a local florist has the opportunity to fulfill that order.

FTD.com features a wide range of floral and gifting products that help consumers celebrate or share a sentiment about some of life's most memorable moments. A majority of the products purchased on FTD.com are florist-filled, same day delivery items. The florists in the FTD network are vital to the successful fulfillment and delivery of an order. It is very important that each employee who works at an FTD member flower shop learns about the FTD Quality Programs to help support a positive customer experience.

All FTD Florists are considered eligible to receive and fill FTD.com orders. To receive FTD.com orders, your shop will need to have zip codes listed with FTD.com. You are limited to the cities you subscribe to in the FTD Directory. Call your FTD National Marketing Consultant at 800.788.9000 to review your cities and zip codes.