FTD Rewards - FAQ

Program Basics

How does the FTD Rewards program work?
Each month, FTD Member Florists will earn one point for every dollar spent on purchases made through FTD, including membership, products and services (please see the detailed list below for specifics). You will also earn three points for every dollar spent online at the FTD Flower Exchange. Accumulated points can then be redeemed toward the cost of flowers purchased online through the FTD Flower Exchange.
Are all FTD members eligible for this program?
Active, traditional retail FTD Member Florists in the United States and Canada who are in good standing are eligible for this program. Members with a past due balance will not earn points for the month that is past due, with the exception of points earned on Flower Exchange purchases, which will be earned regardless of payment status.
How do I join FTD Rewards?
All eligible FTD Member Florists are automatically registered for FTD Rewards.

Eligible Purchases

Which FTD purchases generate earned points?
You will earn points on membership, products and services:

Membership and services
  • Monthly and or/transaction fees, including membership, Education and Quality Assurance and Floral Selections Guide
  • Clearinghouse advances
  • Directory advertising and subscriptions
  • FTD Flowers All Hours
  • Transmissions (excluding delivery confirmation fees)
  • FTD Flower Exchange (eligible for 3 points per dollar spent when purchases are made online and 1 point per dollar through a representative)
  • FTD Marketplace (containers, drop ship, imprinted materials, etc.)
  • FTD WebGifts
  • FTD Florists Online
  • FTDFlorists.com
  • FTDWeddingFlorists.com
  • FTDSympathyFlorists.com
  • FTD eBiz Marketing
  • Local Search
  • FTD Online Ratings Service
  • FTD Mercury technology systems (monthly payments only)
  • FTD Market for You
  • Mercury Technology access and support
Are there any exclusions?
The following are excluded from FTD Rewards:
  • International and domestic retrans
  • Late and interest fees
  • Credit cards
  • Shipping
  • Delivery confirmation fees

FTD Rewards Point Details

How much is each point worth?
Each point is worth one cent. Points cannot be redeemed for cash.
How are FTD Rewards points redeemed?
To redeem your points, log on to FTDFlowerExchange.com. Your accumulated points will be displayed in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Proceed to create your order. When you check out, you will see an option to select how many points you would like to use toward the cost of your order. Please note that points can only be applied toward the purchase of fresh flowers. You will not earn points for flower purchases that were made using FTD Rewards points (for example, if you use points to cover $20 of your $100 order, you will not earn points for that $20 worth of flowers).
How many points can be redeemed at once?
Points can be used to cover up to 20 percent of a shopping cart’s product value, excluding shipping. For example, if a cart's total value is $100, points can be used to cover $20 worth of product, which is 2,000 FTD Rewards points.
When are FTD Rewards points awarded?
Points earned will post the second business day of the following month. Points earned through FTD Flower Exchange purchases are awarded seven days after the order is shipped.
How do I view my points?
To view your point accumulation, log on to the FTD Flower Exchange website (ftdflowerexchange.com). Your point total will be visible in the top right-hand corner. To view a detailed point history, click on My Account on FTD Flower Exchange and then select My FTD Rewards.
When do points expire?
Points expire 90 days after they are awarded.

FTD reserves the right to terminate or amend this program at any time.