FTD Mercury Mobile

FTD Mercury Mobile provides powerful features to increase efficiency and add value to your business. Shop managers can benefit from on-the-go access to your Mercury Dashboard, putting crucial shop information at your fingertips. Drivers can increase productivity with access to routes and easy delivery confirmation.

Using FTD Mercury Mobile, you can:

  • Access critical shop information from
    your FTD Mercury Dashboard while you are on the go
  • See delivery routes right from your smartphone, plus mark each stop as delivered or undelivered as you go, with access to Mercury Delivery
  • Deliver orders to recipients easily with navigational aids such as real-time maps and turn-by-turn directions
  • Ensure every delivery is confirmed quickly and efficiently while your driver is still on the delivery route

Now, take on-the-go control without being tied to your computer. FTD Mercury Mobile is available for FTD Mercury.


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