FTD Florist Link

FTD Florist Link is the industry’s most comprehensive florist-to-florist online directory, allowing FTD Florists access to the most up-to-date information to assist with locating a filling florist. Florist Link offers members expanded special listings, a holiday capacity tool, Featured Florist listings and more.

Now, members with access* to FTD Florist Link can elect to opt out of receiving the paper directory. Once the opt out election is accepted by FTD Directory Services, the directory subscription fee will be credited on your FTD Clearinghouse Statement starting with the next FTD Directory published date (January, May or September). Click Here to opt out today.

Contact Mercury Support today at 800.788.9000 for information about how to upgrade to Florist Link.

*FTD Florist Link is available in FTD Mercury X2 fall and later, Mercury Connect and Mercury Direct 5.0.