Manage Your Shop from Anywhere

Introducing Our New, Innovative Web-Based Solution - Mercury HQ

Mercury HQ is a cloud-based system that lets you manage your shop from anywhere using your phone, tablet, or computer. With real-time synching for access wherever life takes you, Mercury HQ helps you accept and transact orders like never before.

  • Simplifying Order Management. Accept, send, reject and track orders whether you're in your shop or out walking the dog.
  • Power in Mobility. When you're on the run, the shop doesn't need to stand still. Access the system from whatever device you want, wherever you are so business never stops. Available for both Android and iOS.
  • Interactive Dashboards. It's easier than ever to prioritize your day with an intuitive dashboard that tells you total value orders, average order values and more.
  • No Hardware Required. Seriously. We're done with exhausting our customers with new equipment that only gets older. Whatever you currently own is whatever you'll use to get Mercury HQ up and running.

Mercury HQ is meant to replace Mercury Cloud. Future functionality will work to include all the features currently available on your system and more in our Mercury Point of Sale.

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