FTD Mercury Point of Sale

Simply Easier. Simply Better. Simply Mercury.®

FTD Mercury Point of Sale provides the combination of power and ease-of-use that floral businesses need to prosper in an extremely competitive and ever-changing landscape. FTD Mercury addresses important florist needs so you can truly rely on your system both today and in the future. Grow your business, your customer base and your revenue with FTD Mercury Point of Sale.

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In addition to standard point of sale features, FTD Mercury provides powerful advanced features such as:

Order Management Order Management   Customer Management Customer Management
Product Management Product Management   Delivery Confirmation Delivery Confirmation
FTD Florist Link FTD Florist Link   Delivery Route Management Delivery Route Management*
Address Verification Address Verification*   Marketing Campaigns Marketing Campaigns*
Event Planner Event Planner*   Order Life Cycle Order Life Cycle
FTD Mercury Mobile FTD Mercury Mobile*   Credit Card Processing Credit Card Processing
Report Generation Report Generation   QuickBooks Integration QuickBooks Integration*
Mercury Dashboard Mercury Dashboard   FTD Florists Online Integration FTD Florists Online Integration
Gift Cards Gift Cards   Integrated Pictures Integrated Pictures

*Optional add-on feature


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