Valentine's Day 2022

Thank you for being an FTD Florist partner. We want to know if your shop will be accepting incoming orders and making same-day deliveries on Valentine's Day (Sunday, February 13, 2022).

Some important reminders for Valentine's Day:

  • Please do not suspend your Mercury system. If you need to reduce the amount of incoming orders you can successfully design and deliver during the holiday period, please adjust your order capacity in the Holiday Capacity Tool available in FTD Florist Link under the Admin tool.
  • Identify the flower varieties you need to fill orders throughout the holiday period and PRE-BOOK your fresh product in advance of the holiday to ensure you get the best pricing and product. If you need to substitute a flower.

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Will your shop be open for delivery on Valentine's Day (Sunday, February 13, 2022):

If you are typically open on a Sunday, but will not be accepting incoming orders for delivery on February 13, please manage your incoming order capacity in the Holiday Capacity Tool.