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Education Resources

FTD researches products and services that benefit FTD Members' businesses. Whether it be through Education Resources or outreach materials to help increase your Brand awareness - FTD is working for you. FTD Education researches quality education partners to help assist your business needs. Visit the FTD Education Resources section and stay tuned for regular additions.

Bridal Consultation Brochure by FTD Design Instructor Tina Stoecker AIFD, CFD, PFCI

Bridal consultations can be long and non-productive. Tina finds it easier to allow prospective brides to take home this downloadable brochure to plan their floral budgets in the comfort of their home. Although the sample does not contain pricing information, Tina has included price ranges for each item on the list. The bride can go down the list and set a budget for each floral category: personal, ceremony and reception flowers. In most cases, looking at a brochure like this can be a "reality check" for brides who may have budgeted $400 for an eight attendant wedding party with 400 guests. In addition, this allows the bride to focus her floral dollars where she wants. If the table decorations are more important than the ceremony, she can simply adjust to keep her finances in balance.

This brochure works as an organizational tool for the consultation process. It contains a form to fill out all the pertinent information on ceremony and reception locations, quantity of corsages and contact names helping to expedite the meeting.

The additional pages in the brochure allow you to list your resume or shop profile. The wedding traditions and folklore have been collected from various sources. Feel free to use this information as a template to create your own brochure to promote your shop as a professional florist.

Wedding Guide (PDF Document)
Wedding Forms (Microsoft Word Documents)
Bridal Brochure (PDF Document)
Wedding Presenation Handout (PDF Document)

Preparing for a Successful Holiday Season by FTD Design Instructor Tina Stoecker
Five weeks a year can be the best of times or the worst. Just when you think you have figured out how to manage the madness of a particular holiday, the next one is upon you & your staff with a whole different set of criteria and challenges. Each holiday has its own opportunities and issues. Planning and organization is the KEY to making sure you effectively utilize product and staff to maximize your holiday sales!

You can view the webinar at http://www.ftduniversity.com.

Other Educational Handouts from Tina Stoecker:
Everyday Inspirations Presentation (Microsoft PowerPoint Document)
Wedding Program Handout (Microsoft Word Document)
Creating Impact With Visual Merchandising (Microsoft Word Document)
Designing On The Right Side Of Your Brain (Microsoft Word Document)
Holiday Heaven (Microsoft Word Document)
Marketing Magic (Microsoft Word Document)


Cashing in on Corsages by FTD Design Instructor Jeff Corbin AAF, AIFD, CFD, PFCI
Spring events, such as Easter, Mother’s Day and proms, are prime opportunities to capitalize on corsage business. However, many florists shy away from this potential market. Jeff will explain how to reassess and respect corsages for their profitability; practice and planning will reward you generously.

Happy Hours by FTD Design Instructor Jeff Corbin
Can florists have happy hours? Sure they can. Jeff shares the rules he has formulated in his store to make Happy Hour profitable for his business and fun for the customers.

Capturing the Corporate Client by FTD Design Instructor Jeff Corbin
As a flower shop owner, we need to focus on where opportunities lie for growing our businesses in a slow recovering economy. Learn how to target and develop specific solutions for today’s corporate client. This niche is found in any size market, not just major metropolitan cities. We have to often identify needs and offer solutions before the client may even realize there is a need. This workshop will teach you how to compete with alternative corporate gifts and other forms of recognition.

You can view the Capturing the Corporate Client webinar at http://www.ftduniversity.com.

If you have questions or inquiries regarding FTD's Education Programs, contact education@ftdi.com.