Business Listings

Now is the time to take control of the information about your business available online in up to 70 search engines, directories and social networks like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Apple, Yelp and Facebook.

With Business Listings, let our state-of-the-art scanning tool run by our partner Yext, quickly and efficiently review your business listings to ensure they're 100% accurate and consistent.

Lack of accuracy and inconsistent information about your business online will harm your rankings in SEO and the overall ability for consumers to find your flower shop in local search results.

With Business Listings you can:

  • Update incorrect business listings to make sure search engines show your shop in results
  • Create a daily deal message in local listings to generate engagement and sales
  • Receive alerts when online reviews of your business are published to quickly respond and boost consumer confidence

Scan Now to see how your business listings appear online.

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