Vera Wang Flowers - Wedding FAQ

What is the benefit of being an FTD Vera Wang Wedding Florist?
There are several benefits to being an FTD Vera Wang Wedding Florist:
  • Only select FTD Florists can offer their bridal customers the opportunity to have a Vera Wang Wedding. The florists eligible to participate have all been awarded an FTD Quality Star rating.
  • A professional point-of-purchase marketing kit is provided to all participating florists to display the Vera Wang Wedding collection in-store and online.
  • The new FTD Florists Wedding online directory will feature all participating Vera Wang Wedding Florists identified with a special icon notifying brides of the collection.
  • National advertising paid by FTD to promote program and drive business to florists.
How much does it cost to become an FTD Vera Wang Wedding Florist?
The program has a low monthly fee of $50 and includes the rights to sell and design the Vera Wang Wedding collection, point-of-purchase marketing kit and FTD Wedding Florists online directory subscription. In addition, participating florists must purchase Vera Wang codified products from FTD Marketplace.

Members may also elect to solely purchase the FTD Vera Wang Floral Selections Guide for $20 per month. This great value allows you access to the Vera Wang Wedding package without the free listing in the FTD Wedding Florists online directory.
What is included in the FTD Vera Wang Wedding Marketing Kit?
The FTD Vera Wang Wedding Marketing Kit has a dedicated Floral Selections Guide and Workbook featuring three different floral collections including bridal bouquets, corsages and boutonnières, as well as ceremony and reception arrangements.

The marketing kit also includes:
  • 100 - 24 page Vera Wang Wedding Bridal Guide take-ones and branded brochure holder
  • Distinctive counter sign with easel for placement near register
  • Linen -finished poster to display in a bridal consultation area
  • Sleek window sign to showcase in your storefront window
  • 3 - Vera Wang Wedding Flowers aprons
  • CD with images, SRP list and sample press release
Can additional FTD Vera Wang Wedding Marketing Kit supplies be purchased?
Call your FTD Marketplace Representative at 800-767-4000 for details.
Does a participating florist have to purchase the Vera Wang codified containers?
It is a requirement of the program for florists to purchase all of the Vera Wang codified containers through FTD Marketplace. If a florist does not have any of the Vera Wang codified containers, an order will be placed on the shop's behalf for the startup combo packs unless full cases of the product are specified. If a shop has some Vera Wang containers, an order will be placed for an additional quantity to meet the program requirements.
Are all of the FTD Vera Wang Wedding containers codified?
No, not all of the containers featured in the FTD Vera Wang Wedding collection are codified products. There are some containers used in the collection that can be purchased through FTD Marketplace or a local wholesaler.
What is
FTD Wedding Florists is an online directory where consumers can search for a wedding florist by zip code or city. Participating FTD Vera Wang Wedding program distinguished florists will automatically receive a complimentary platinum listing with special "Vera Wang Wedding" icon. FTD will advertise the site online through search engine marketing and display advertising tactics to drive more leads to our members. FTD Florists keep 100% of any order generated through
Is a florist ranked higher on if they have the
Vera Wang Wedding Icon?
No, all platinum listings will rotate through the top placements whether they are participating in Vera Wang Wedding or not.
How many city listings can I have on
Good news! Participating florists can have unlimited local delivery city listings in the FTD Wedding Florist online directory.
Do florists need to commit to participating in the program for a specific time frame?
No, a program commitment is not required for florists participating in the FTD Vera Wang Wedding program. To unsubscribe from the program, a notice must be sent in writing to FTD Directory Services by certified mail return receipt requested, email with email confirmation, GEN message or fax with fax confirmation receipt.