Exceptional Supply & Quality

We believe the pinnacle of success for any flower shop depends on the quality of its product. Because beautiful bouquets begin with top quality flowers, our Florist Advisory Council shared how they make sure their supply chain delivers an exceptional customer experience:

  • Cooler is clean, well maintained, and at the right temperature
  • Care and handling standards are in place
  • Having an inventory management process in place
  • Wholesale flowers can be delivered within 48 hours
  • Access to quality flowers, containers and other supplies at competitive prices
  • Reasonable quantity of core flowers on hand at all times
  • Regularly purchasing flowers rather than buying by the bunch as needed
  • Ability to purchase flowers at competitive wholesale costs by buying smart with pre-book and standing orders

From unique flowers at great prices to curated containers that are exclusive to our network, our team at FTD is dedicated to supplying and offering products that customers will love.

Our Flower Exchange is a buying platform designed to provide floral purchasing solutions from world-class growers. Products can be purchased through an open market, pre-book and standing order basis 24/7 online; or, a dedicated representative is always happy to assist you.

Cash flow is critical to the success of your business. When you purchase unique containers or everyday vases from our Marketplace, you can pay with a monthly statement that allows you to purchase now and pay later.