Innovation & Store Operations

At FTD, we know that your shop is where the magic happens. When asked about streamlining store operations and leveraging innovative technology, our Florist Advisory Council members shared these key attributes:

  • Store looks clean and well organized
  • Clear process, procedures and expectations
  • Employee scheduling tools
  • Regularly scheduled team meetings, increasing frequency at peak holidays
  • Easy access to key metrics such as revenue, profitability, inventory, etc.
  • Inventory controls
  • Resolves consumer complaints, reads and responds to consumer reviews
  • Leverages technology

FTD offers a variety of tools that focus on streamlining operations and bringing innovative solutions to your flower shop. We built our Mercury Point-of-Sale system to make our Florist Partners' day-to-day operations easy, simple and integrated.

We also offer access to an individual Florist Scorecard. This resource allows you to look at benchmark data to measure your flower shop’s quality scores in comparison with other shops in the market. Our expert Quality Assurance team is available to offer floral operations coaching to provide tips and guidance to improve processes for optimal results.