Fast & Easy Delivery

Delivery is the final (and crucial) step in the process to create an exceptional customer experience. Whether the order originated from us or your own website, each order is important and reflects your shop. Our Florist Advisory Council identified several key areas where Florist Partners need to excel:

  • The right technology to handle logistics and planning related to delivery
  • Policies and procedures in place to ensure drivers understand expectations
  • Delivery area allows for same-day orders to be flawlessly executed
  • Drivers have access to tools allowing them to communicate progress on deliveries
  • Vehicles used for delivery are appropriate for floral
  • Delivery drivers are willing and able to act as quality check before making delivery

FTD is focused on offering our Florist Partners the right tools to deliver the right products at the right time. We want you in control of your deliveries. Our Unlimited Coverage Plan gives you flexibility and lets you decide where you want to deliver.

We also offer a Delivery module within Mercury POS which allows you to manage multiple deliveries. Plus, our one-click delivery confirmation makes it easy for your drivers to let the shop know they're on the next delivery. With our tools, delivering exceptional experiences has never been easier.