New FTD Beyond Blue Bouquet
New Container, New Recipe, More Margin

The Beyond Blue™ Bouquet is getting a refresh to improve customer satisfaction and offer better profitability to filling florists.

This bouquet is a customer favorite, but it also generates a lot of complaints from consumers and florists. Therefore with a few updates, we are re-launching the item on FTD.com in early March.

What's New with Beyond Blue™:

  • Name will remain Beyond Blue™ and the codification will change to NBB
  • New SRP is $10 higher per style than the original recipe
  • Increased profitability by featuring roses instead of spray roses
  • More purple statice stems to add more “blue” and solve for a regular customer complaint

The original Beyond Blue™ (CDB) will remain on ProFlowers.com until network coverage can no longer support it. The Mercury order message will reference "Original" or "New" to assist your designers with which version to make.

Add FTD (floristrelations@ftdi.com) to your address book to ensure complete delivery.
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