Business Solutions

An enhanced mobile-ready website from FTD Florists Online can help grow your business and give your customers easy access to ordering flowers when using a smartphone.

Benefit from some of the lowest credit card rates in the industry with no hidden fees and save money. FTD Cash-Flo offers the convenience of one statement and one merchant ID.

Improve order profitability with a variety of buying power options on containers and other everyday shop essentials from FTD Marketplace and competitive flower prices from FTD Flower Exchange.

Grow your local business with assistance from FTD's Market for You team. This new program can help florists with email marketing, social media and website optimization.

Knowledge is power today. Business, technology and design education programs are available online or in-person to help you learn how to successfully drive local business to your shop.

Learn more about how FTD can help add value to your business. Call 800.788.9000 today.