On August 18, 2010, FTD will celebrate its 100th Anniversary and its 100 years of floral innovation.  Our talented FTD Florists have been a part of the fabric of America for 100 years and an essential part of life’s most memorable experiences.  We would like all FTD Florists to benefit from our 100 year celebration through increased traffic within their shops.

Below are various marketing ideas to promote your status as a talented FTD Florist and FTD’s 100th Anniversary.

Flower Give-away Ideas

  • Give-away a bouquet of flowers to every 100th customer.
  • Tie-in with radio station for 100th caller promo. Must come to your shop for redemption.
New Product Ideas
  • Offer a special “gold” or yellow flower bouquet representing FTD’s signature black and gold branding.
  • Create an FTD 100th Anniversary bouquet with 100 stems of flowers.
  • Create $100 bouquet with proceeds going to local charity.
  • Special $100 pricing: $100 for 100 roses
In-store Promotions
  • Host special color days, week or month. (red Mondays, yellow Tuesdays, etc.)
  • Host special flower days, week or month. (Mum Mondays, Tulip Tuesdays, etc.)
  • Flower therapy sessions.
  • Host Guys Help Night to plan the best anniversary.
  • Sponsor a free design class at your store.
  • Charity clothing or food drive in exchange for free flowers.
  • Ask your customers to submit their best anniversary stories to win flowers.
  • Create an anniversary promotion and offer a prize package by partnering with other businesses (hotel, stay, spa package, dinner, jewelry, etc.).
  • Create special promotions for customers celebrating milestone anniversaries in August or your shop’s anniversary month.
  • Offer home makeovers with flowers: partner with newspaper’s home section.
  • Couple’s Night Out promotion. Partner with restaurants, theaters, sitter services.
  • Offer gift with purchase (GWP) with anniversary bouquets.
  • Offer trivia quiz on your shop, town or FTD.
  • Host an golf outing for charity.
  • Tie-into special events occurring in your community.
  • Offer a special gift to the community.
Marketing/Communication Ideas
  • Contact all previous wedding customers with a special offer for future anniversaries.
  • Pitch your shop as a local expert for all things flowers: media, newsletter, local organizations, schools, etc.
  • Anniversary extensions: better late than never campaigns.
  • Distribute flyer of flower tips or anniversary celebration ideas to customers.
  • Create press release or media alert about your promotional activities.
  • Look to secure a monthly column in the newspaper or via a blog on your Web site about floral trends.


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